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Is Veganism the World’s Next Step?

The main topic of this research paper is to see what are the pros and the cons in a vegan and vegetarian diet. The three main points of this research will be: why veganism and vegetarianism can be a good dietary lifestyle for some people, to educate people about the different types of veganism and vegetarianism and lastly, why some people think veganism is not healthy compared to all the other dietary options out in the world. North American citizens have recently been partaking in the veganism and vegetarianism diet just like the rest of the world has been for years and years. This research will explain all of those motives.

To begin, many articles show that veganism and vegetarianism is the right diet to adapt. First of all, according to the article “Vegetarian diets, low-meat diets and health: A review” by Claire Mc Evoy, Norman J. Temple and Jayne Woodside, most people who do not eat any meat or any animal products are slimmer and appear to be healthier. According to Gary Frazier from the article, “Vegetarian diets: what do we know of their effects on common chronic diseases?” Results have shown that vegetarians groups compared to other populations have less risk of CHD and many specific cancers and have a greater life expansions then meat eaters in the same communities. Vegans and Vegetarians have a lower body weight then people who eat meat. According to Timothy J. Key, in the article, “ Health effects of vegetarian and vegan diets”, the reasons for the differences of weight with veggies and non veggies are not understood completely, however it may include differences in the composition of the diet such as a higher fiber intake and a lower protein intake. (Spencer et al. 2003).

Second of all, it is a way to make a progression in life for environmental reasons and to save the animals. Robert Goodland the author of the article, “Environmental sustainability in agriculture diet matters”, explains that what we eat impacts the environment tremendously. Meat eaters will soon be taxed very high for buying pork and beef. And poultry, eggs and dairy will be moderately taxed. These fruitarians are thinking about the planet and want to save the world they live in. They are trying to send a message to people. Also, they’re many different types of vegans and vegetarians. Alexandra Jamieson an author from the “Dummies” collection described three other kinds that are: Semi-Vegetarians, “Someone who is cutting back on his or her intake on meat. A pollo vegetarian avoids red meat and fish but eats chicken. A pesco pollo vegetarian avoids red meat but eats chicken and fish. Lacto ovo vegetarian “ excludes meat, fish and poultry but includes dairy products and eggs”. Lastly, Lacto vegetarian: “ they exclude, meat, fish and poultry as well as eggs. But they will eat milk, yogurt and cheese.” There are many different types of veggies in the world and people usually pick the one that suits them the most and the one that is the easiest for them

Third, some people seem to not like to hurt animals. Some people do not want to see an animal getting killed but they do not mind eating them when they are packaged at the grocery store. One solution to this conflict is to stop eating meat. Even if meat tastes good, there are many different substitutes just as good today. In an article by Rhea Parsons, there is a list of substitutes for meat and dairy products. Tofu and tempeh are plant-based and are made from soybeans. TVP or texturized vegetable proteins are also made of soy. Seitan is made of wheat gluten. All of these are perfect alternatives. Additionally, mushrooms are a great replacement when someone wants the texture and taste of meat. If vegans and vegetarians eat some of those foods everyday their vitamin and protein intake will not be a problem because all of those foods have the same type of nutrition as meat does. According to Reed Mangels, calcium is found in dark green leafy vegetables, tofu made with calcium sulfate, calcium-fortified soymilk and orange juice. For B12 some people take some B12 pills to get their daily intake, however there are some other alternatives like some types of seaweed, yeast extract, soya products, breakfast cereal, bread and meat-substitutes. For protein, Amanda MacMillan says that protein breaks down into amino acids that promote cell growth and repair. Protein does not only come from meat and dairy but can also come from other food that veggies can enjoy. One cup of green peas is the same as milk. Quinoa includes all nine essential amino acids that the body needs for growth and repair. Nuts and nut butter contain fats and protein. Beans have a very high amount of protein as well.

There are two different reasons why people stop eating meat. The first one is the people that want to do it for health reasons. They want to lose weight and be healthier. These veggies think that eating meat is what causes their health issues so they completely cutback on it. The second is the ones who stop eating meat for ethical reasons. They believe in saving the environment and the animals. They also hate the factory farms because they feel what they are doing to the animals is cruel and not necessary and that they should be equal to humans. They feel that it will make a difference if people stop eating meat and any sort of animal products. According to Evelyn B.Pluhar, the author of “ Meat and Morality: Alternatives to Factory Farming”, “scientist have shown that the practice of factory farming is an increasingly urgent danger to human health, the environment and nonhuman animal welfare.” According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, 10.378 billion U.S land animals were slaughtered for food in 2007 (World Far, Animal 2008). The world is doubling their want for meat every couple of years. With the growth of our population this can be a big problem.

According to the article “Health, ethics and environment: A qualitative study of vegetarian motivations”, veganism is not a healthy lifestyle. Because they do not eat any fish, poultry and eggs they lack zinc, vitamin B12 and protein so they would need to obtain alternative sources. (Davies & Lightowler, 1997) It can be easy to have all the nutrients if the person makes sure they eat everything they should to stay healthy as mentioned in the previous paragraphs. However, it is easy to let go and not eat the right foods to have the right nutrition for the body.

To conclude, the benefits of eating vegan or vegetarian base diet are quite huge. There are many different ways of practicing these dietary lifestyles. Every individual in the world has his or her own personal opinion on what kinds of food to eat. Some people eat whatever they want and they will not think twice about what is going into their body or if it is harming our world. Some people are very severe because they want to think about the environment and other species so they will limit their food intake and eat other sorts of foods to contribute to help the world. Also there are the people that want to make a difference to help our planet but make choices on what to eat. They will cut out one or two things but will keep eating some foods that they enjoy and don’t want to stop eating. As researched, there are many different dietary lifestyles but people need to make sure to intake the proper nutrients so it does not harm them in the long process.


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Raw Vegan


Lately, Veganism has been a big part of the North American culture. People around America are slowly transitioning from eating meat and dairy to eating more fruit, soy, and nuts. Their claim is to help the animals, help the planet and also for health reasons. However, some have taken veganism to a whole other level, which is raw veganism. A youtuber named Alyse Brautigam that I have been following for quite some time now has been making raw veganism videos since the very beginning of her YouTube channel.

Alyse’s channel’s name is “Raw Alignment”. She makes videos about what to eat in a day, her journey in becoming a raw vegan, how to make the transition and more topics, as self love, weightlifting and minimalistic living. She has over 464k of followers. Alyse says that she had stomach problems for a good part of her life. She would binge on bad food and have cravings for greasy food like pizza and burgers. She did not respect her body and wanted to make a change. Since she became a raw vegan she says that she feels absolutely amazing and she had never felt like this for a long time. In a day, she would have at least 4 smoothie cups, more fruit and a salad every night. She keeps her diet very simple but changes it up every now and then. According to Dr. Edward from “The Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet”, a raw food diet is eating unprocessed and uncooked fruits and vegetables as well as grains and beans. “More than half a century ago in his book Prescription for Energy, Charles de Coti-Marsh explained, “By eating live foods you create a live body.”” Also there are many types of raw vegans out there and if someone wants to transitions into that lifestyle they need to see what fits the most with what their body needs or even if a raw vegan diet will be good for them.

According to the Canadian food guide, a woman from 19 to 30 that is active needs about 2350 calories per day. It is easy for someone to eat all of those calories if they eat dairy products and meat or even just has a standard vegan or vegetarian diet. However, raw vegans needs to have more meals and make sure that all the fruit they eat is enough everyday.

Becoming a raw vegan, does take discipline and motivation. As well as it takes knowledge and research before taking the step into that lifestyle. However, plenty of people have been practicing it and it seems like it is working for most people.


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Food Matters


The film “food Matters”, directed by James Colquhoun and Carlo Ledesma is a film about what an organic, raw and healthy diet can do in treating different types of illnesses and symptoms.

The documentary “Food matters” was absolutely enlightening to me. The people that were getting interviewed had some kind of confidence and admiration for good, healthy and raw organic food because of the way they were talking and explaining. I personally gained a tremendous amount of knowledge watching this film because it expanded my knowledge on what raw organic foods can do for someone’s body and health.

First of all, the people talking in this interview were talking from their hearts and their own knowledge. They were explaining why vitamins and eating raw organic fresh food could replace pharmaceutical drugs. They believed that if people started eating that way, people would stop having illnesses.

Second of all, healthy eating does not make any money. However, the pharmaceutical drug industry makes a ton of money. Countries that still follow their traditional customs should influence countries that do not. “In Japan, there is a 1% chance for someone to get cancer, and in America there is 30%,” says Ian Brighthope a professor of nutritional and environmental medicine. It is all about the way people eat and what kind of products people put in their bodies to make themselves feel alive, energetic and happy.

Third of all, most doctors will not prescribe vitamins to help their patients says Andrew W. Saul. They say that they do not believe in vitamins. Marcelle Pick says, “Doctors worry that patients will use nutritional supplements as a substitute for regular medical care, a good diet, or other important health habits”. However, these nutritionists that are in this documentary say that vitamins are the answers. There are numerous proofs that vitamins help combat illnesses. For example, it helped a lot of people with their depression and alcohol addiction. Some vitamins help the skin and some can help someone livelonger and mostly it can also save a life. Andrew W. Saul says that he had helped a woman who was in a severe depression. He had given her Niacin that is a type of vitamin and she started interacting with her family again and feeling happy. The women psychiatric took her off of the Niacin and she went back to her depressed self. Debra Rose Wilson says that vitamins can be good for the body however too much vitamins can be harmful. A number of researches found that taking vitamins, as a supplement can be harmful.

Healthy eating helps our mind and our body. It is also cheap, simple and it can expand our life years. All we need is responsibility. I enjoyed this documentary and learned greatly from it. Every interviewee in this documentary had some kind of special reflection on their beliefs on food, healthy eating, vitamins and the way to combat illnesses but they all came into one and were on the same page. I personally know that when I eat the right food like fruit, vegetables and grains, I feel absolutely amazing. However, when I eat wrong foods like greasy take out food, I break out, I feel tired, and I also do not feel motivated to go on with the day. That is large difference and people should take this into account.


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Chocolate banana Muffins

These scrumptious banana, chocolate muffins are perfect for on the go, breakfast and even a little snack. If you would like to have a little bit of sweet but still feel full, these muffins are great for you. They are very quick and easy to make! Hope you enjoy 🙂

  1. 1 cup of flour (Product of Canada) company: five roses
  2. 0.25 cup of sugar
  3. 2.5 teasoons  of baking powder
  4. 1/4 teaspoons of baking soda (product of USA) Company: arm & hammer)
  5. 0.25 teaspoons of salt ( imported by the canadian salt company limited, pointe-clair, Quebec) Company: Windsor,household salt
  6. 0,75 cups of oats
  7. 1 egg
  8. 0.5 cups of milk (Product of Canada) : Company: Lactania by parmalat
  9. 0.5 cups of oil ( Product opf Canada) Company : Becel
  10. 1 banana
  11. CHOCOLATE!!!