“Farmageddon” by Kristin Canty which was released in 2011 is a documentary about difficulties and challenges faced by small family farmers who primarily sell raw milk, raw milk products, and natural organic food in USA. The targeted audience of this documentary is any person who is concerned about healthy natural food that are produced in small farms in USA. According to Canty, the government authorities believe that consuming raw milk has dangerous health risks. Further, she shows that these state officials are using highly unacceptable and unethical ways of investigation and interrogation by using threats and armed forces. Here, many farmers from different places who faced the problem are interviewed. They described how the officials came well prepared to take away their products, animals and to seal the equipment even before conducting a proper inspection for any substandard processes or illegal conducts. Not only that, Canty shows evidence of how these official invading farmers privacy and acting in an abusive manner when conducting inspection. For example, Jacky Straves mentioned how frightening it was for her and her family to face few men pointing gun towards them at her house while the officials were conducting an inspection. Her children were devastated even after the officials left. Throughout the documentary, Kristen Canty shows that even though small farmers actually do a service to the society by producing healthy food and, mainly row milk and other row milk products. They o through a tough time financially and psychologically as a result of the continuous harassments brought by the state officials who intend to stop their functioning and development. Furthermore, it reveals how certain rules upon the small farmers is increasing the manufacturing costs of their products and how it leads to increased prices of their products. For example, these farmers are not allowed to cure pork by themselves when making bacon. So, they have to cure their pork from a recognized facility which increase the production cost.

Although this may be true, the way they produce milk, yogurt or even bottled vegetables look rather unsanitary. Though the farmers claim that their food are healthier as not being processed, that does not guarantee that their food is 100% clean or germ free. For example, the documentary showed some workers touch vegetables with bare hands and bottling them to sell to the public. To further illustrate, even though they constantly state that their raw milk is safe as the pasteurized, just applying an antiseptic product on the cows’ nipple prior to milking cannot guarantee that the produce is not contaminated until it becomes bottled. To conclude, “Farmageddon” is one sided documentary which supports the small farmers rather than documenting both sides of this crucial problem. The documenter leaves the doubt to the audience whether or not it is safe to consume their products and whether the government is really acting in a responsible manner in respect of assuring consumer safety.

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