Too busy to cook ?


No matter if you are a student, an office worker or a business owner, we don’t usually have enough time.  During the meal time, some people line up in the food court, some people have sandwiches in the cafeteria, and some people just do not eat. Why is that?  Many people will say, I have no time to cook!

Indeed, with  fast paced daily life, it seems very difficult to cook and eat well. How can we keep a healthy life style and have adequate nutrition while we have little time to prepare food? Actually, there are some practical tips we can apply in order to have healthy meals. Cooking at home and making food on our own provides us fresh ingredients, natural choices, rich nutrition and keeps us away from disease such as heart attack, obesity or diabetes.

  • Making weekly food plan

Before going to grocery shopping, come up some recipes or meal plans for the week. Take a few minutes to make a shopping list to help save time and money. There are many easy and quick options available for us to choose from. For example, baked penne with roasted vegetables, butternut squash lasagna, and parmesan crusted chicken breasts with basil and potatoes. Then make sure you have the correct label and date for your food, freeze them, and bring them for lunch. There are also some 10 minutes simple cooking recipes such as Pinto bean Salsa, Cucumber Salad with Chia Seed Strawberry Vinaigrette. More cooking ideas are available on our recipe page.

  • Grocery shop wisely.

Avoiding added sugar products or  already made meal packages as much as possible, choose yogurt, chestnuts, or fruits as snacks and fresh ingredients instead. Chicken, eggs, green vegetables should be your first choice. They not only contain  nutrition such as proteins, fibers and vitamins , but also are easy to make.

  • Eat breakfast.

Breakfast is extremely important because it provides the energy for brain to function in the morning. Skipping breakfast causes poor concentration, more fatigue. Yogurt, fruit smoothies, bagels or peanut butter sandwiches are simple breakfast choices you can take.

  • Backpack ideas

When you feel tired, hungry or thirsty, soft drinks, chocolate bars or fast food are easy access to  and they can fulfill your empty stomach very fast. However, they cost you money and bring you closer to healthy problems. High fibre cereal bars, refillable bottle of water, whole grain crackers, nuts are welcomed to be placed into your backpack. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water also help us to be energetic and keep your mind clear.

If you do need to eat at a restaurant, choose healthier and lighter meals and take home the left overs and store them in the fridge for next day’s lunch. Change your eating habits step by step. You will find out there is always time to eat well and be healthy.

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