Bite Me Event “Growing food year round”

The Concordia Food Coalition organizes (for a week) a series of public lectures and workshops related to food politics and food security. The purpose of these activities is to inspire and motivate people to act in supporting and creating food systems that are socially, environmentally, and economically just. One of these workshops was “Growing food year round”. This lecture, taught at the Concordia’s Green house, explains the different alternatives that people could use to grow food during all seasons. Therefore, a few techniques and alternatives were briefly explained using different options that each season offers. For example, during spring and summer, it is definitely important to take advantage of the weather and grow food outdoors. Hence, planting in the back yard, or the balcony and/or participating in community gardens or farm sharing are great options. On the other hand, during the cold seasons, indoors growing is the best alternative. Consequently, window farming, micro greens sprouting, hydroponic or aquaponics cultivation and having or volunteering in greenhouses are ones of the best suggestions. This conference was very informative and useful because it gives the participants different alternatives for food growing, that could fit their particular resources and needs, helping them at the same time to support better food systems.  To know more about the Concordia Food Coalition visit their website at

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