Starbucks is more than a coffee shop chain, more than designer lattes. It is also a company that works for their employees, from the coffee farmer to the barista hand crafting your latte every morning.

C.A.F.E. stand for what Starbucks believes in: Coffee And Farmer Equity. They believe in ethical sourcing of their coffee. Starbucks wants all its farmers to be treated with equity. Multiple times per year, third party verification organizations will visit the farms to ensure that they are up to fair trade standards. Ever since the C.A.F.E. program was implemented in 2004, over 100 000 farms are participating. This means at least 12 farms are visited each day by these organizations.

Starbucks also believes in helping our armed force. It can be hard for veterans and their families to come back to civilian life. Starbucks wants to give them the tools to make their transitioning easier. They also hire soldiers in between their deployments and keep them on the payroll during the deployment so they always can have a job security when they come back. During deployments, they are involved into helping the families.

Being a partner at Starbucks is very beneficial. Part-time employees have access to health benefits, stock options, paid school fees and much more. Educational programs on sustainability are available to all. Career opportunities within the company are growing and easily attainable. Being a partner also means community involvement.

Every store play their part in being sustainable. To lighten the stores, the company uses LED lights to use the less energy possible. Coffee marc is kept for the customers who want to use it for compost, recycling is very strict and compost is implemented in every city that does it or if communities ask for it for their public gardens.

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