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Lately, Veganism has been a big part of the North American culture. People around America are slowly transitioning from eating meat and dairy to eating more fruit, soy, and nuts. Their claim is to help the animals, help the planet and also for health reasons. However, some have taken veganism to a whole other level, which is raw veganism. A youtuber named Alyse Brautigam that I have been following for quite some time now has been making raw veganism videos since the very beginning of her YouTube channel.

Alyse’s channel’s name is “Raw Alignment”. She makes videos about what to eat in a day, her journey in becoming a raw vegan, how to make the transition and more topics, as self love, weightlifting and minimalistic living. She has over 464k of followers. Alyse says that she had stomach problems for a good part of her life. She would binge on bad food and have cravings for greasy food like pizza and burgers. She did not respect her body and wanted to make a change. Since she became a raw vegan she says that she feels absolutely amazing and she had never felt like this for a long time. In a day, she would have at least 4 smoothie cups, more fruit and a salad every night. She keeps her diet very simple but changes it up every now and then. According to Dr. Edward from “The Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet”, a raw food diet is eating unprocessed and uncooked fruits and vegetables as well as grains and beans. “More than half a century ago in his book Prescription for Energy, Charles de Coti-Marsh explained, “By eating live foods you create a live body.”” Also there are many types of raw vegans out there and if someone wants to transitions into that lifestyle they need to see what fits the most with what their body needs or even if a raw vegan diet will be good for them.

According to the Canadian food guide, a woman from 19 to 30 that is active needs about 2350 calories per day. It is easy for someone to eat all of those calories if they eat dairy products and meat or even just has a standard vegan or vegetarian diet. However, raw vegans needs to have more meals and make sure that all the fruit they eat is enough everyday.

Becoming a raw vegan, does take discipline and motivation. As well as it takes knowledge and research before taking the step into that lifestyle. However, plenty of people have been practicing it and it seems like it is working for most people.


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