Food Matters


The film “food Matters”, directed by James Colquhoun and Carlo Ledesma is a film about what an organic, raw and healthy diet can do in treating different types of illnesses and symptoms.

The documentary “Food matters” was absolutely enlightening to me. The people that were getting interviewed had some kind of confidence and admiration for good, healthy and raw organic food because of the way they were talking and explaining. I personally gained a tremendous amount of knowledge watching this film because it expanded my knowledge on what raw organic foods can do for someone’s body and health.

First of all, the people talking in this interview were talking from their hearts and their own knowledge. They were explaining why vitamins and eating raw organic fresh food could replace pharmaceutical drugs. They believed that if people started eating that way, people would stop having illnesses.

Second of all, healthy eating does not make any money. However, the pharmaceutical drug industry makes a ton of money. Countries that still follow their traditional customs should influence countries that do not. “In Japan, there is a 1% chance for someone to get cancer, and in America there is 30%,” says Ian Brighthope a professor of nutritional and environmental medicine. It is all about the way people eat and what kind of products people put in their bodies to make themselves feel alive, energetic and happy.

Third of all, most doctors will not prescribe vitamins to help their patients says Andrew W. Saul. They say that they do not believe in vitamins. Marcelle Pick says, “Doctors worry that patients will use nutritional supplements as a substitute for regular medical care, a good diet, or other important health habits”. However, these nutritionists that are in this documentary say that vitamins are the answers. There are numerous proofs that vitamins help combat illnesses. For example, it helped a lot of people with their depression and alcohol addiction. Some vitamins help the skin and some can help someone livelonger and mostly it can also save a life. Andrew W. Saul says that he had helped a woman who was in a severe depression. He had given her Niacin that is a type of vitamin and she started interacting with her family again and feeling happy. The women psychiatric took her off of the Niacin and she went back to her depressed self. Debra Rose Wilson says that vitamins can be good for the body however too much vitamins can be harmful. A number of researches found that taking vitamins, as a supplement can be harmful.

Healthy eating helps our mind and our body. It is also cheap, simple and it can expand our life years. All we need is responsibility. I enjoyed this documentary and learned greatly from it. Every interviewee in this documentary had some kind of special reflection on their beliefs on food, healthy eating, vitamins and the way to combat illnesses but they all came into one and were on the same page. I personally know that when I eat the right food like fruit, vegetables and grains, I feel absolutely amazing. However, when I eat wrong foods like greasy take out food, I break out, I feel tired, and I also do not feel motivated to go on with the day. That is large difference and people should take this into account.


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