Food Inc.


               Most of us already know of course the food industry is a bag of complete trash (No offense). It uses a lot of unethical ways in order to produce the food they sell. Most of the food we will purchase today in stores are obviously products of this unethical production. A Netflix documentary called Food. Inc. produced in 2009 by Robert Kenner, covers the issue of Food sovereignty.

But what is food sovereignity?

It is basically the right of nations to control their own food system, including their own markets, and production modes. Watching this documentary to me, was objectively because it was part of a homework. But honestly, getting knowledge, or information about the transformation process of most product you’ll eat, is important. seeing the truth about how the food system is really like, you can only wish this was better.

The Food Inc. documentary, covers issues such as the impact of the effects of the  food produced on our health, food diversity, food sovereignty, and of course the way food’s produced. An example consists of chickens, grown in 48 days instead of the normal 70, and products being given to these chickens in order to make them bigger, with more flesh, (what everyone would like right), in order to satisfy the current way food is been distributed (fast foods and already prepared food). Today, the companies responsible for food production, are so big and powerful, the effect of their decisions are so broad, they affect not only the way food is being produced, but also people’s jobs, thus lives. Farmers working under the influence of these companies don’t really have a say in how they produce food. Many illegal workers”, Afro-Americans, Latinos, illegal immigrants do the ugly jobs in this sector, and fall under the oppression of these big corporations.

I was aware of the fact the food system is not as good as it says, but truly speaking, I would say we are far from picturing what is going on. Still, you can be aware of these ways of production, but you still tell your self the final product is worth it. But, the consequences of you buying that food are far broader than what will be in your plate. Every food you purchase today, is a vote either to support the current multinationals like Monsanto, or the local producers, who produce, being mindful of their production ways.

Clive Dency Nya

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