Fed up


How do you control your weight and keep fit? Do more exercises and eat less. It seems like that is the common sense. According to the American documentary film Fed Up in 2014, which was directed and produced by Stephanie Soechtig, the number of people who went to gym increased dramatically since 1970s.  However, doing exercises and eating less might not be enough to lost weight and be healthy. Soechtig reminds us that we should choose food wisely and understand more about the relationship between food and health.

In the documentary, it is mentioned that many food processing companies such as Kraft, Lay’s took away numerous amount of fat contents in food production in order to meet the national policies of limit fat calories since 1977.

In the interview with Soechtig, Dr. Lustig says it is obvious that for many of us, food without fat do not taste as good as before. In order to maintain the sales in the market, food industries produce “new” kind of food products with low fat, but high amounts of added sugar by using new technology. The specialists point out, compared with fresh fruits, homemade bread or organic vegetables, processed food products, such as, juice with added sugar, canned fruits, and sweet jello puddings, cause extremely high risks of health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems and cancers. Why?  Because sugar makes human brains very excited and crave it even more, just like cocaine. Also, we lost the sensitive sense of taste for real food and become addicted to added sugar due to high concentration sweetness. From the documentary,  we know that our bodies are not able to digest so much sugar given in such short period of time, therefore, sugar turns into fat and accumulates in our bodies. The specialists give an example. Human body maximally needs 6 teaspoons of sugar daily, but a bottle of coke has more sugar than 6 teaspoons. The huge amount of sugar gives the digestive system a lot of pressure.

From the statistic given in the film, the rate of diabetes and obesity increases among younger and younger generations. Some big food company, such as Coca-Cola, McDonald, give financial support to some of the health organizations, politicians, and cooperate with advertise agents, toy industry to build a falsehood image in the public and target the young children and teenagers. Soechtig alerts us that children are surrounded by different kinds of food advisements, burgers, pizzas, soft drinks, chocolate bars every day, the serious outcomes and the awful consequences of processed food in their life should be aware.

The specialists suggest that some changes in the food industry should be taken place to prevent the young generation getting addicted to processed food and added sugar.  Indeed, doing exercise is important, but eating healthily is also very significant for health. More fresh healthy food should be given to the children.  Different healthy cooking recipes and nutrition suggestions should be introduced to parents, school and the public as well.

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