Cowspiracy is a documentary that reveals that global warming is not only and mainly due to human production of CO2. Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, the writers, directors and producers of this film, discovered that the livestock industry is the main reason why despite all the efforts to reduce CO2, climate change, pollution and depletion of our planet’s resources are still soaring.

The foundation of this claim is based initially on an UN article stating that one cow produces more greenhouse gases (18%) than the whole transport system (13%). This is because the methanol produced from the digestive system of a cow is around 25 to 100 times more destructive than the CO2 of automobiles. In addition, livestock agriculture in the U. S. consumes more water per year than natural gas production, even though their methanol production is the same. For example, one quarter pound hamburger needs around 660 gallons of water. Further researches made by the authors reveal that the actual green house production of animal agriculture is 51% instead of 18%. Moreover, raising animals for food production uses 1/3 of fresh water of the entire earth, takes 45% of earth’s land and causes 91% of amazon forest destruction. Surprised by these revelations, Kib was willing to go deeper into this matter and find the reasons why not a lot has been done to remediate the situation, and make everybody aware of it.

He tried to reach the main environmental activists organizations and agricultural authorities to address the matter. However, he encountered complete rejection from organizations like Green peace and got elusive responses or silence when talking to some organizations such as Oceana, Surfrider foundation, California Department of Water Resources, and Animal Agriculture Alliance. Consequently, Cowspiracy reveals that the reason behind all this resistance is that the animal agricultural industry monetary supports some of these organizations.

Furthermore, he also discovered that some of those who have tried to write or say something regarding this matter have been victims of threat, lawsuits and even found dead. This is the case of a nun in Brazil, Sister Dorothy Stang who was killed because she wanted to talk about how animal agriculture was the main cause of the amazon deforestation. Or Howard Lyman, a former cattle rancher, who was sued by cattlemen who spoke in the Oprah show about the truth about animal agriculture.

With alarming statistics, controversial information and interesting interviews, Cowspiracy is a must seen documentary that restates the seriousness of global warming and the urgency to truly know about it and take action against it.

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