Vegucated, a documentary written and directed by Marisa Miller Wolfson, follows the journey of three individuals as they attempt to learn about veganism and adopt a vegan diet for six weeks. Tesla, Brian, and Ellen have three common motivations for joining this project: to lose weight, look good, and feel healthy. In the film, Wolfson teaches the three meat-loving New Yorkers about many reasons people decide to become vegan, including the ethical, environmental, and health benefits, in hopes that they will decide to maintain a vegan lifestyle. Wolfson demonstrates many vegan food options by taking the new vegans to a health food store and showing them many alternatives to the foods they are used to eating, as well as eating at ordinary restaurants and vegan restaurants. Throughout the six weeks, the group is involved in many learning experiences including attending a vegan conference, visiting a family farm and a farm animal sanctuary, sneaking into a factory farm, and watching a documentary about factory farming. Each member is faced with multiple difficulties while they try to follow a vegan diet, for example, they go on family vacations where they must explain their new lifestyles to their families and continue to eat vegan foods without guidance from Wolfson.

Overall, this documentary gives viewers a fantastic overview of the benefits of veganism, as well as the problems of the meat and dairy industries. The three group members are very relatable, because they originally follow a typical North American diet, and they begin the project with little knowledge of veganism, soon realizing how unaware they are about the production of the food they eat. Unfortunately, the movie did not well-inform viewers about the nutritional advantages and disadvantages of not consuming animal products, for example, the greater difficulty to include vitamin B12 in a vegan diet. This is one of the issues that demonstrate the bias in the film as it did not illustrate many drawbacks of a vegan diet. This film is useful for people who are considering a vegan or vegetarian diet, or simply want to learn about veganism.

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