Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is a unique take on the typical travelling foodie show, simply because he himself makes the show an interesting watch. On his 8 season series, as indicated in the title, Bourdain explores areas of the world that are lesser known and indulges in its cuisine and culture.

In the two episodes that I have watched, he travels to two megalopolis’; Manila, in the Philippines, and Marseille in France. On his expenditions throughout these two cities,  he feasts on their traditional dishes. In Manila, he indulges in the traditions of the holiday season by enjoying a ritually prepared pork roast, also called lechon, savours a sweet concoction by the name Halo-halo,  and snacks on some sizzling sisig. In Marseille, being a coastal city, Bourdain savours the most famous seafood dishes the city has to offer, including bouillabaisse.  As he devours these elaborates customary dishes, the term “traditional” has a different significance for the metropolis’, because their cuisine has been largely shaped by other countries before it could be considered their own;  making them one of the same, even though they are miles apart.

As his trips comes to a close, the travelling foodie uses his passion to entrap his viewers in a unique escapade; to travel the world and see what it has to offer in terms of its cuisine and culture.

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