Dawson Food Groups

This is a collective project to designed by students from Edible Activism! and Post-Capitalist Futures to enhance the food system at Dawson College.

Our goal is to encourage the Dawson community to develop a socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, cooperative food system. We believe that, together, the Dawson community can build a food sovereign campus. This project is also part of a post-capitalist experiment, students are building alternative food organizations on campus and reporting about them on this site. We are currently working on a seedling project to grow pants for the The Dawson Gardens. We will provide an update on that project shortly.

This site provides research on the food system at Dawson College, recipe ideas for anyone looking for inspiration, reviews about documentaries about food, reports about various food conferences that took place in the fall of 2016, and a general food blog.

Edible Activism! and Post-Capitalist Futures are courses offered by Erik Chevrier via New School at Dawson College.  Edible Activism! was offered in the Fall of 2016 and Post-Capitalist Futures is being offered in the winter of 2017.

We will be updating this website throughout the semester, so keep checking in for new material and content!